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About Us

Premium Shield is a company with one thought in mind- Helping homeowners save money on their energy bills!

Our mission is to provide premium green energy solutions for homeowners to reduce the costs of gas and electricity usage and make homeowners enjoy a cooler home in the summer and warmer home in the winter. With the rising costs of gas and electricity, we provide an energy consultation for homeowners and a comprehensive suite of energy efficient products for homes, such as reflective insulation, certified green-gaurd insulation and solar attic fans. Using this technology will help homeowners cut down on the monthly energy bills, increase the life of their H.V.A.C. units and reduce the carbon foot print of their home. Premium Shield will provide an immediate impact to lower the customers’ energy costs.

Our Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) ,Mr. Chuck Husk , a California General Contractor since the 1980's, founder of C&T Construction, License #530223, is also EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certified, making sure to provide not only Energy Efficiency, but also Air Quality.