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Dealey, R - Livermore, CA

In January, 2015, Premium Shield improved the energy efficiency of my home.
A thorough search by Koko revealed several items that were leaking heat/cooling. We established a time for the work to begin. Chuck and Theo arrived on time and performed the intended work efficiently and left no debris. Having been in my attic many times I understand the difficulty of working there. They installed additional insulation and the reflective barrier as designed quickly and thoroughly. Reaching to the edge of the attic where the roof meets the ceiling would be a most difficult task, but was made easy by the special tool that Chuck designed, a demonstration of the commitment to quality work. Crawl-space heater ducts were another major source of heat loss - metal ducts whose fiberglass wrapping had disintegrated were wrapped with an insulated, reflective material that is sure to capture the heating/cooling. By special request Chuck and Theo installed an attic fan, and though fairly new the water heater was wrapped with an insulated reflective material. They were willing to accommodate my choices. Being a very mild winter the improvements haven't been severely tested, but the physics of the materials used will surely reduce the energy consumption, and likely more so in the summer months needing cooling. Working with Premium Shield has been the best contractor experience ever. Analyzing the need, performing the work, accepting additional requests have all been met with a 'can-do' attitude, and with the highest level of quality that one could imagine. I am very satisfied and happy with their work.

Ken, T - Fremont, CA

Premium shield came to our home and Sam did a very careful and thorough audit of the house. Using his FLIR( infrared inspection device) Sam checked are windows,doors,water heater,air vents and ceiling.We received great tips on energy savings and discovered few areas of drafts in the home. We went ahead and used premium shield to do our attic insulation( including our garage attic). The insulation process was done in a very professional and time efficient manner. The impact of Premium Shield insulation was very noticeable during the cold winter nights and hot summer days. We highly recommend Premium shield energy inspection and insulation process.

Moore, R - Livermore, CA

Premium Shield insulated our attic 2 months ago and I can honestly say that I can count the number of times the furnace went on! On the few 80 plus days we've had already, the house seemed to stay cooler longer than it used to.
As for Premium Shield, I worked with Sam and I found him to be a very honest and straight forward person to work with. His team also did a great job installing the insulation.

RIVAC, S&W - Fremont, CA

In October of 2013, Sam, with Premium Shield, performed an energy inspection in our home.
Living in our home for many years and also running a care home business, we had several concerns. Sam addressed all of our concerns and gave us great tips on energy savings and pointed out a few areas of drafts. Sam also inspected the attic and air ducts using his FLIR device.
After establishing the fact that our insulation is old and insufficient, Sam pointed out the importance of proper insulation and its benefits in terms of comfort, quality of the air and savings on the heating and cooling cost.
Our home is over 2000 sq/ft, and the price was more than reasonable. The Premium Shield crew came on time, Chuck Husk presented his EPA certification and proceeded with the job promised in a professional and precise manner. Took pictures before and after.
It's been almost a year and a half since Premium Shield upgraded our insulation, the impact on our comfort and energy bill was very noticeable.
We would highly recommend Premium Shield.

Janine, R

Premium Shield did the insulation in my ceiling and I was very impressed with how easy it was to work with them and the speed and thoroughness of the work they did. I have canned, recessed lighting in my house and a few months prior to their work a couple of the lights had become loose and were hanging down . They pulled those lights up and secured them for me and I am so thankful they did that! Premium Shield were professional, helpful, reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with. I was impressed with their work and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Milligan, D. - Fremont, CA

Done in October 2013. We had been aware that we needed to replace our attic insulation, and had looked into it with a couple of outfits, but had been putting it off. I don't usually respond to door to door solicitation, but in this case I'm glad I did. I found the presentation by the Premium Shield rep (in this case, it was Sam, the owner) informative and to the point without being at all aggressive. The quote sealed the deal, and work began within a couple of days. I was expecting it to take most of the day, and was very pleased that it was only a few hours start to finish. The two man team that showed up in the morning was obviously prepared, and experienced, and very efficient. We have had the new insulation and reflective containment covering for two seasons now, and the difference is noticeable: in the winter, heat stays in the house more than previously, and in the summer the reflective material keeps it out to a greater extent (we have no AC). I have no problem recommending both the product and the personnel.
Thanks, Sam and the Premium Shield team.

Rodrigues, L - Fremont, CA

On December 12, 2013 we had the Premium Shield installed in our attic. With a slight reservation on how just adding some insulation material then rolling out an aluminum reflective barrier could keep my home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, I decided to give it a try since I needed more insulation anyway. After having it done I immediately noticed that my gas heater did not run as often from every 12 to 15minutes to little over 30 minutes. Also before the installation, my temperature use to drop to just under 60 degrees. Now it seldom goes below 64-65 degrees except for some really cold nights where it may get down to 62.
During the summer my home stays relatively cool to 78 degrees when it gets above 85 degrees. Before installing the Premium Shield I thought I was going to have an air conditioner installed but Sam asked me to wait one year to see if I really needed one. That summer my inside temperature rarely went passed 78 degrees when the outside temp went above 85.
I would assume that my gas cost savings during the winter would be 50% and during the summer my savings would be what the air conditioner would be plus the cost of electricity to run it.

Naveen, N - Fremont, CA

From the time Premium Shield knocked on my door, I got a different sense of service (having seen and heard many sales pitches at the very same front door of mine) that I may embark on. True to my gut feeling, the layout of service, the dialogue of pros and cons, the no-nonsense pricing and quote, letting all facts known to the customer upfront, Premium Shield stood apart. They went ahead to let me know extra few pointers of how we could save our house from slipping the energy out of it. That was very helpful. The constant phone calls, keeping me up-to-date, working quietly with no hindrance to the household members, making sure the quality is perfect and giving extra incentives are the never ending plus point lists that I can vouch on. I will recommend Premium Shield to my friends circle for their quality and service to the buck they charge.

Takata, R. - Fremont, CA

I am very happy with the professional job that Premium Shield did on my attic. The initial consultation was done in a very thorough manner by Sam, and he gave me a very clear and reasonable quote.
The installation crew was hardworking, prompt and very clean as they did the work. Also, Premium Shield went the extra mile when they replaced the motor in my bathroom exhaust fan.
I would definitely recommend Premium Shield to any homeowners seeking an energy efficient upgrade.

Prat, P. - Fremont, CA

I am very happy with Premium Shield. I had to get my attic completely vacuumed up before the layer were laid over. They are prompt and clean and do quality work. I recommend them to any insulation work.

Neupane, D. - Fremont, CA

Hi Sam,
I wanted to thank you for a very efficient job your team has done for our insulation needs. The quote process was easy, job was efficient and you attended to our needs. Work done was very neat. We look forward to working with you on our future needs.